Scenario encountered error in last 5 minutes vs scenario has been stoped


I am writing to seek clarification regarding the behaviour of the Make scenario in our system.

We have noticed that, on occasion, the Make scenario displays the following error message: “The scenario has not been paused and continues to run according to your settings. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the issue.”

We are unsure about the specific conditions under which this error message is triggered.

Could you kindly provide information about the following:

  1. When does the “Make” scenario get automatically stopped? Are there any specific conditions or scenarios that could cause it to stop unexpectedly?
  2. Under what circumstances is the error message mentioned above generated?

Basically we want to know the circumstances under which scenario throws error message above vs scenario stoped.

Thank you,
Alexandru Nemes

Hey @Alex_Nemes

there are a number of variables/potentials that could stop a scenario versus just trigger a warning.
a key part of this is the setting to ‘Enable storing of incomplete executions’ and ‘error handling’ modules.

Make documentation on both of those are here:
Error Handling:
Incomplete Executions:

If you have one or both of the above setup the scenario should continue to run/process new records and not get completely stopped. BUT there are some exceptions to this