Scenario auto shutdown daily report

Occasionally a scenario will automatically shutdown and while I generally get a system email immediately alerting me… I sometimes don’t or likely I just miss it. It can then be weeks before I notice the scenario isn’t running.

Could I build a separate scenario that would periodically (daily or weekly for instance) check all scenarios searching for those no longer activated?

I can then easily send an email of that output alerting me to investigate further.

Am I missing something here? You miss the system email because you are not checking your emails frequently, and to solve that you want to send yourself another email with the same details?

I suspect I’d notice after a seven consecutive days of email alerts…

But a text alert if that makes you happy :smiley:

  1. Looks like Make does have an API endpoint to fetch a list of your notifications.

  2. From there you need to use another API endpoint to get the text content (details) of each notification. The body contains HTML links to the scenario.

  3. Lastly, if you need extra details of the scenario, you can parse the scenario ID from the body of the notification detail, and then use “Get scenario details”.

  4. If you want a daily report, just set the scenario to run daily, iterate through all notifications for the day, and compile them into a single string using a text aggregator module.


I forgot to mention, since Make’s App doesn’t have a module to get notifications, you’ll need to use the generic “Make an API call” module. Here’s an example screenshot of step 1:

Hope this helps!


Stunning work! I shall make an attempt at your suggestion.

So good thanks :blush:


Thanks for your help. This steered me in the right direction and I now have a scenario that works perfectly - detecting any scenarios that have been shut down automatically and aggregating them into a list (if there’s more than one) then emailing me the result.

The make - list scenarios module was the key. Then I filtered for the property ‘is invalid’ is true.

Any ‘invalid’ scenarios appear to be the ones that have been shut down automatically.

It’ll run a few days a week so I’ll eventually get the message.


That’s awesome! It is a great achievement to able to build something like that, hope you are feeling accomplished now :slight_smile:

Heya @Lindsay_Woods :wave:

Wow! I am impressed by the fact you were able to crack this with @samliew’s help. It is truly great to see Makers improve and get more proficient at using Make.:relieved:
Thanks a lot for keeping the community in mind and coming back here with additional information and solution.
Great job and keep it up! :sunny:

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