Create an alert when nothing happen in a scenario

Hi there !

I was wondering if it’s possible to create an alert when nothing happen in a scenario for a period of time.
We are a lead generation agency and recently we had a bug on one of our form (we use Jotform) and people where stuck inside the forms. So nothing went to our airtable for 2 days (i know).
There is nothing, it seems in Jotform to do it, and i can’t figure how to do it in Airtable so i thought maybe there is a process where i can create an email notification (or else) when nothing enter the scenario for 3 hours for example.

Any idea ?

Howdy @julien_level Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

This should be what you are looking for :slight_smile: combine with the HTTP Module, and run every 3 hours, tie it to a discord bot, slack webhook or a twillio text (whatever your weapon of choice is for emergency notifications)

Hope this helps!


Thanks @JugaadiTech !
I’m gonna have a look later today to see if i manage to do it :wink:

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