Scenario triggered by an action not happening?

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for reading.

I’m hoping to be able to create a workflow which sends a daily email if a new entry in a Google Form has not been submitted at a certain time.

I have Google Forms set up for staff to record daily compliance tasks (temperature checks), and would love to be able to automate the monitoring of completion of said forms. So, I’d like to set something up where the form responses are monitored, and at 2.30pm each day, if there is no new response from a given form, to generate an email notifying of this.

Does this make sense? Is it possible to set up a Make scenario with a negative trigger like this?

Thanks again

Welcome to the Make community!

Yes, you need to

  • fetch the list of the daily entries, and extract the employee identifier (email, employee ID, etc.) using the map function

  • fetch the list of all employees

  • iterate all employees

  • filter current iterated employee by doesn’t exist in the array of daily entries