Error parsin json from a custom webhook

Hello, I’m trying to make a scenario where I generate an image using midjourney connection trhough UserApi.AI module, then I send it trough a webhook to a scenario tak upscales the first picture, and sends it through a webhook to a scenario that is supposed to upload it to my dropbox. The problem is, that after upscaling the image, I need to retrive the url value from a collection of data. I tried to parse the date to json to access the url.
The JSON obiect I’m trying to parse is:
“resultCollection”: {
“url”: “…”,
“proxy_url”: “…”,
“filename”: “marcin…”,
“content_type”: “image/png”,
“width”: 1024,
“height”: 1024,
“size”: 1678244

but when I put it into parse json, it generates an arror.
Here are screens 1 - scenario, 2 - the bundle generated by the webhook, 3- a fragement of my parse module settings, and 4 - the error.
1 -

2 -

3 -


I also tried to go without the pase JSON module and use map result[0] into HTTP get file, but it didn’t work either. Can anybody explain why can’t I collect my data to text, and how to get the url value?

Why do you need to parse JSON? It doesn’t seem like you have any JSON to parse from the Webhook module.

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