Etsy Watch Receipts Function still Broken


I am still having issues with the Etsy Watch Receipts function. I currently use this function to log and keep track of all my orders since I hand build everything and keep track of the progress via a google sheet. This also allows me to keep a log of ALL my orders.

As previous users have noted, I was getting receipts from the beginning of when my shop opened. I was able to work through them to get to the latest receipts, however, I can see products that have been ordered and seems to have been seemingly skipped.

For an example, I can see that on 8/19 I received 2 orders from 2 different customers. However, once my scenario ran, it only listed 1 of those orders on my google sheet. Subsequent running of the scenario never yielded a correct result.

The next day I received another order and that one was listed correctly on my google sheet, but the missing order from yesterday was STILL missing.

I heavily rely on this work flow to keep track of all my orders as I often have multiple orders all the time, so this is very disruptive to my work flow>

I have read and tried previous work around methods for this and all of the ones that I have tried either don’t work OR create multiple duplicate entries on my spreadsheet that I am constantly clearing by hand at this point.

Any updates on if this function is going to be fixed and or modified to work how it previously was?

Hey @Complx

I think it’s best to reach out to Make Support directly so they can look into this issue for you.