Looking to create an inventory integration for etsy that updates variation inventory on all listings


I just started diving down the rabbit hole of automation and I can totally see the possibilities, but my brain is fried trying to learn it all! I sell on Etsy and I am trying to create an automation that updates the inventory across all of my listings when an order is placed, ie when someone orders a black product, it deducts a black product from all of my other listings inventory. Easy right? I am just confused about what is what and what to select.

Totally willing to pay for help!

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May peace be upon you @Nicholas_Morris

For starters you can get stared by watching new payments, then listing out all the active inventory , and then wither from the data of the payments or getting that specific order you can update the listing.

Let us know if it worked. If you need further help feel free to contact.


This is so helpful thank you! For the last step, I am unsure of what to put here. How would you format this to remove the stock from the individual variations on all listings?