Etsy Watch Receipts Function Doesn't Work Properly ! IMPORTANT!


I have a problem with Etsy integration. My entire operating system exploded because of this issue.

The “Watch Receipts” function does not work correctly. When I receive a new order, it should send me the data of the receipt of that order, but instead it sends me the receipt of one of the first orders of my store.

For Ex : New Selling(Name : Customer A ) > “Watch Receipts” Trigger > Data (Name : Customer X)

So its giving wrong persons receipts.

The “From Now On” function is selected. There is no problem with that.

The operating system of thousands of Etsy sellers is currently inoperable because of this!!

@burak_cingiz :raised_hands:

Hello! I am an AI-Assistant, and I’m here to help you. I understand that you are facing an issue with Etsy integration, specifically with the ‘Watch Receipts’ function sending incorrect receipts. To better assist you, could you please provide more information about the integration method you are using, any error messages you might have encountered, and the programming language or platform you are working with? This information will help our community members to better understand your issue and provide appropriate guidance. Remember, I am still learning, so the more information you provide, the better I can assist you. Thank you!

Please take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your scenario along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here so that the community can help.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

I’ve got the same issue, upgraded to v3 Etsy integration and module. Using the Watch Shop Receipts module but every time it runs it pulls orders from the beginning of my store’s history. Maybe there is a sorting issue in the code and it needs to look for newest instead of oldest??

Where is the “From Now On” function, I don’t see that setting anywhere?

We started having this problem when we updated the module regarding Etsy v3 api.

We were able to understand the root of the problem with a little effort. I share with you the steps of the easiest proving the problem management with screenshots.

Step1 : I created a scenario called For Make support and added my ETSY store connected with the new module. (Watch Shop Receipts)

Step 2 : I right clicked on the module and checked choose where to start

Step 3 : I marked the last order my store received with the Choose Manually option.

Step4 : When I click the Run once button, instead of showing my last order on the result screen, it incorrectly shows the first order my store has received as a result.

This is the main problem with the operation of the module. If I choose “from now on”, if there is a new order, it still brings the data of one of the old ones. Currently the module is in an inoperable state.

hey @burak_cingiz,

I’ve encountered the same issue too when choosing the ‘Choose Manually’ option from the ‘Choose where to start’ configuration.

My use case was I needed to sync some existing receipts over from Etsy, so just opted to get ALL receipts and then only sync the ones I needed with a create timestamp filter to get around the issue with the module fetching the shop receipts by earliest date, instead of the latest.

As a workaround until (if) the module is improved, then you could use the same method with the Create Timestamp property with fetching ALL receipts.

NB — I didn’t get to testing if ALL receipts can be fetched on a schedule, so you’d need to confirm this on your end to know if this is a viable method.

Remember to update the results limit to a number much higher than the total number of shop receipts for the Etsy store — say, 4x* if you’re planning to use this method for filtering all shop receipts based on date (Etsy’s Create Timestamp property).

*Multiplier tied to historical and forecast sales count

If you only have access to Etsy via the Make connection and can’t check the shop receipt count, then you can use the Etsy module List shop receipts to get the total count, just delete the number from the limit field.

Hope that helps!

And, I also hope this latest iteration of Etsy modules is improved upon to replicate the UX/behaviour of the prior version :smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:

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Just to add — it might be OK to not have any limit set for the Watch shop receipts module, as there’s no limit specified.

Still, best to confirm directly via Etsy’s API docs :v:

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Hi Aidy,

Thank you for your solution suggestion. In fact, we normally do not use manual methods at all. Under normal conditions, as we receive new orders, we have established a system where we take orders on and follow our production stages.

We wrote the manual step to explain that there is a problem with the module. My only goal is for support to accept that there is a problem and inform us about the issue. (we created a ticket, sent e-mails, but we did not get a clear response)

The problem seems to be systemic and we were collecting orders in all our stores every 45 minutes, with different scenarios.

I will try your solution as well and share from here if it works. Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards

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i am having the same problem. make support is not responding. How did you upgrade to v3? by creating an api? @burak_cingiz

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The “Watch Receipts” function is not working correctly in the new Etsy integration. When a new receipt arrives, it gives us the data of the store’s oldest receipt.

This is a huge problem. It needs to be fixed urgently!!!

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Have you checked the range of date being used for the module? Right click and check the “starting from” option and select “from now”.

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Yes, I try. Nothing change. Do you use Etsy Functions for your scenarios?

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I have not used them, but the Watch modules usually have a setting where you can select a specific transaction or record or just have it monitor “from now on”. I thought that may be it.

Hello all and a warm welcome to the community to all new joiners :wave:

If you have set up the “Watch Shop Receipts” module to monitor receipts going forward, but the module processes an old receipt, say one that is 1 year old, it is likely that you already have too many receipts in your Etsy account. The “Watch Shop Receipts” module can only search for the newest receipts, up to a maximum of 600 records. This number cannot be exceeded otherwise the module would get a Timeout error.

As a workaround, please use the Etsy “List Shop Receipts” module instead.

For example, if your scenario is scheduled to run every hour, then you would set up the module precisely as you can see in the screenshot below, to ensure that it processes only the newest receipts.

@burak_cingiz Just FYI: I merged your two topics since they tackled the same issue.

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Is the Watch Receipts module using the getShopReceipts API call? (Reference | Etsy Open API v3). If so then it should be easy to sort the results by created date descending and receive a list of the latest orders without any issues related to the total number of historical orders on the Shop. Could you ask a developer to have another look at this module’s code please.