Excel => Pipedrive "Create a person"

Hi Makers,

So I’ve created a scenario in Make with the objective of creating a Lead in Pipedrive. In order to do so, I have to first create an organization, then a person and then create a Lead.
My source of information is an Excel.

Here is what the scenario looks like :

But when I run the scenario at first I got this error :
here is how it was configured :

So I understood that the issue was coming from the email, so I tried to change the parameters in the module and run again. But then I got another error telling me to refer to the Pipedrive API documentation.

So I tried this :

Then I tried putting the email from the Excel, then from the next step (which comes from an API call to verify if the email is valid)
But still not working, so I tried mapping :

Still not working.

So I even tried to recreate a test scenario with two modules (Excel + pipedrive) and still got the same error.

Pipedrive told me that it should work the way I did it, but it’s not, so the error must come from Make.

Does anyone have an idea on what the issue is and how to solve it ?


@Laura What if you just send an array with the email? You can use add() to create a new array.

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Hi @Bjorn.drivn ,

Thanks for your reply, but I’m not sure that I understood what you meant.
So I tried this :
But it came back with a different error :

The operation failed with an error. Failed to map ‘email’: Function ‘add’ finished with error! ‘{object}’ is not a valid array.

Try something like this.

@Bjorn.drivn Did try, but it’s not getting further than the second step now

Here is how i configured it :

And in the next step :