Apollo to Pipedrive - Access Email trigger -> Create Lead in Pipedrive

Hey there everyone,

I’m looking for some assistance with this setup. So we have Apollo.io as well as Pipedrive. We use Apollo to gather potential client contact information. We use Pipedrive as our CRM.

I want to automate the Lead Creation in Pipedrive by automatically pulling over the information that is obtained in Apollo and creating a lead in Pipedrive from that information.

In Apollo, when you access an email through the use of credits, you press an Access Email button. It will then show you the contact info.

I’m unsure in Apollo which API to associate my key with. The options are:

Additionally, I’m not really sure how to fill out the PipeDrive CRM modules.

I spoke with a helpful guy on the Pipedrive forums and he suggested the setup of:

Apollo (Water New Accounts) → pipedrive (Create a person) → pipedrive (Create a lead)

But I’m just not getting the leads generated from me accessing emails in Apollo.

If anyone has any insight on this, it would be greatly beneficial for me!

Thank you,

Hey Brad. That would have been me on the Pipedrive forum :wave:

You’ll be using the Apollo Watch New Contacts module in Make. I don’t believe you need to associate the API Key with a specific API endpoint - the Make help on Apollo shows how to get the API key.

I’d suggest first up, get the Apollo connection set up and run the Watch New Contacts module to verify you can see the contacts after you’ve clicked Access Email in Apollo.


So, I’ve got the Apollo working correctly and the testing goes through the PD Create a person but I get an error on Create a Lead. I’m not finding any help articles on this error:
The operation failed with an error. 400: provided dataset is not valid (One of the “person_id” or “organization_id” must be set.)

I have Person ID for Person and Organization ID for Organization. I’ve tried just one or the other as well, but still the same error.

Any input? Thank you!

Could you post screenshots of:

  • The Create a Lead module panel showing the fields you’re mapping
  • When you’ve run the scenario, what you see when you click on the little speech bubble above and to the right of the Create a Person module (this will show the output of that module)

Hey there David,

I have those screenshots attached.

Additionally, it IS creating contacts in Pipedrive. There is no info and it’s all (no name) but the contact list does grow when I do test runs from Apollo.

Use api/v1/people/match to fetch complete details of prospects.

I built a similar automation recently. watch here https://www.loom.com/share/314df331b4c6481aabe3296669a48334?sid=7b6bad6e-326a-49c9-802f-57158c854054

@bradBMS The first item to check is why you have no Name value for the Create a Person module.

Two things to check there:

  1. Click on the speech bubble for the Apollo Watch New Contacts module. You should see that the Name field has something in it.
  2. Check that you’re using that Name field from that module as the Name for the Create a Person module, similar to below:

The second item to check is in the Create a Lead module. You must have at least a Person ID or an Organization ID - but they must be Pipedrive IDs. You’ve specified the IDs from the Apollo Watch New Contacts module. Pipedrive won’t know anything about those IDs.

Instead, you need to map the Person ID for the Person object you’ve just created with the Create a Person module. You don’t have to specify an Organization, so remove that.


@Growwstacks.com that’s a good approach if you already have a list of Names and Organizations you want to look up in Apollo.

That’s a viable alternative to the OP’s original strategy of looking up each Name in the Apollo UI and capturing the Lead in Pipedrive when they click the “Access Email” button.

Thanks for sharing the video!


Okay so I’m definitely making progress, but still running into some issues.

I’m getting leads created, but I’m not getting a name nor the email address ported in.

I’m including what I can see on my end. It looks like the fields that can actually pull in data have grey text tot he right. For some reason I’m getting (No Name) all the time. I did have a couple have a name when the leads came through, but I don’t know what made that happen. Lauren and Maryh came in, but their emails and phones did not.

Thank you so much for walking me through all of this. I thought I was more technically savvy than I am :slight_smile:

PD 3

That does look weird.

What’s the record that you’re clicking “Access Email” for in Apollo for the Lenny Lemons example you showed above?

The fact that it’s showing the Original Source as csv_import suggests that the data came from a list that you’ve uploaded to Apollo. Was there any Name field in the CSV source data that you uploaded?

Is it possible that you uploaded data as part of a Contact CSV Import that should have been uploaded as Accounts?


So we have previously uploaded a list to hit with emails through there, but that’s separate from the function we’re trying to do.

I wasn’t exactly sure where that information was coming from. Are we able to get name, email, and phone number from the Access Email button?

If there’s a name, email and phone number associated with the person search in Apollo, it should come through when you hit the Access Email button.

But it looks like you’ve uploaded Contacts to Apollo that don’t have those details. The Watch New Contacts module is picking those up as though you’ve hit the Access Email button.

There’s two steps you can take to stop that:

  • You can set where the Watch New Contacts module starts watching. Right-click on the module and select “Choose where to start”. Most of the time you want “From now on” - it remembers this when you’ve set it.
  • You could set a filter on the route from Watch New Contacts so that the scenario only progresses for those Contacts that come from a search in the UI. Click the wrench and select “Set up a filter”. For “Condition” select the Source field from Watch New Contacts. In the second field (after “Text operators: Equal to”) enter search. Give the filter a meaningful Label and click OK.

Hey @bradBMS - did you manage to resolve your issue?

I would recommend following the suggestions provided by DavidGurr_Make, particularly focusing on checking the data sources and configurations in both Apollo and Pipedrive to ensure that the necessary information is being captured correctly during the lead creation process. work info