Excel "update a worksheet row"


I use make x open.ai x excel.

I would just like the first result I get out of ChatGPT to go to cell J6, then the second to go to J7, then J8 etc. So I used the tools “increment function” so that at each loop, it increments by 1. It works. However it starts at J1 then J2 then J3… I want it to start at J6 then J7 etc. I can’t get it to start with an offset of 6.


Of course I would write “5 + i” but it doesn’t work.
How do I do it?

Thanks for your help!

Can you share the full screenshot of the last Module for the Update a Worksheet row?


Here is the complete screenshot!

Try using this as

Screenshot from 2023-04-24 20-52-14

Use the + from,

Screenshot from 2023-04-24 20-53-31

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Exactly what I wanted! I used “+” and not the “+” from operators!

Thank you very much !

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