Reset Row ID Excel


I struggle to find how to reset a Row ID in my excel worksheet. Each time I run the scenario, the Row ID is incremented by 1 (see file attached). I want to run the scenario and keeping the same RowID each time.
I already try to add tools (set variable, get variable, increment functions) but nothing happen. I also try the “Choose where to start” function by right clicking on the Excel button but it started to increment again.

Could you help me please ?

Thanking you.

MAKE ROW ISSUE.pdf (233.8 KB)

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Is there any specific reason you want to do this? It completely defeats the purpose of having Watch Row Modules which is used to listen to new rows being added to worksheet.

Maybe instead of using that, using List Rows might fit your purpose better.

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Hello Runcorn,

Thank you for taking time answering my question.

It’s better, but now the RowID value is 2 and I want it to be 5. I can’t see how to set it to 5 even by using the tools.

Do you have any idea how to do that please ?

Thanking you.
TEST ONE.pdf (42.8 KB)