Is there an easy way to reset a scenario so it starts reading a Google Sheet from the first row again?

Working with a Google sheet as a source using “watch for new rows” and there have been times when a row is accidentally deleted or things get odd in some other way. When this happens, the only way to continue to bring in new rows seems to be to recreate the connection and restart.

Is there some other, easier way to do this that I’ve missed?

Hi @Aella,

You can do this by doing a right click on the watch module and select “choose where to start”


Thank you! I knew there had to be an easy way!

Totally doesn’t work. I entered a row ID, but it grabbed the first row in my google sheet. If I select choose manually, it only shows the first 2500 rows in my sheet, but my sheet has 5k+ rows.

Does Make not supprot google sheets with more than 2500 rows?

Got it working. You need to click around a lot. You need to select All, then click to ID, then type in the ID, then click out of the box, then click All again, then click back to ID. Then click the arrow to increase the ID by 1, then arrow to decrease by 1 to get back to the ID you want. then click out of the field. Then click the OK button. Then save. That works.


Hi @avner, I just did a quick test with a sheet with 8000+ rows and everything worked as expected:

  • All
  • select ID
  • Choose first

I did notice that I had to unselect and reselect to get the ID field to display.

The behavior you describe is not normal and should do a screencast and send it to Make support so they can address it

is there any way to do it automatic?
for example: if after last chek was delited 100 row, and then add 50 new row - scenario will not work in case it stay on empty row, and will not process 50 new rows.
I can chenge place where it must start manually. ok, but not flexible.
can i change where to start automatic?