Execute a scenario twice a week on the same set of datetimes


I have a scenario to copy information from single google sheets to a global one.
I am executing it every Monday at midnight, but as we have submissions on the individual sheets also during the next week, I was planning to include a second execution on Friday at midnight. I have two problems here, considering my current filter start date is greater than or equal to adddays(now;-7).

An alternative that can work for me is deleting the datetime filter and tell Make not to add a row which is already in the file. Like setting automatically to decide from where to start for the next execution or filtering the email address if already available in the final google sheet.

  1. If I keep the current filter, submissions from the Saturday or the sunday of the previous week will become duplicates if already included in Monday’s execution. How to avoid duplicates’ generation?

  2. If I keep the current filter, I will include also submissions of the current week (Monday to Thursday). How can I tell the filter to work only on submissions of the previous week? What I would need basically is a datetimefilter start_date = Previous week for both executions.

Thank you so much for your time! I attach some screenshot.