Execution errors - Auto Retry - Make is now behind

So, Pabbly Connect has just launched automatic re-executions of modules.

I know Make has a workaround, which is pretty cumbersome and operations-expensive. Which is a shame given how technically advanced Make is.

Make team…this was requested centuries ago. I can’t believe this can’t be prioritized or so difficult to accomplish that your super-capable team can’t do it…


It depends on the use case, and per my understanding, using the Break module is flexible as it allows you to repeat a particular module if there is any error associated with plus you can store it as an Incomplete Execution if you need to fix an error and then rerun the scenario from the point of failure. The only downside of it is that it needs to be added to all the modules for retry but, scenario wide Allow Storing of incomplete execution will tackle such cases if you are getting errors on modules that you are not expecting errors from.

By the way, How are you currently handling errors and retry in Make?


My use case (and the use case of a lot of folks here) is OpenAI. Their models are often overloaded and error-out. Very often, re-querying the same endpoint immediately after the error manages to get the content out of GPT. I’m currently using Make’s guidance on how to construct an “auto-retry” sequence using repeaters, as below:

Umm, You can do it using Break Module, it is less cumbersome and will allow you to repeat the failed module for predefined retry, so I think instead of using the Repeater, this will be a better approach to tackle this,