Export airtable rows in as many slides as needed in Google Slides

Goal: Have a Google Slides deck that contains details of rows in Airtable

Details of the goal

  • Processed with a manual trigger
  • The Google Slide has to be duplicated based on a template >> Template has been create and this steps work
  • Every row in the selected view has to be imported in the same ppt >> This is the tricky part as the amount of rows may vary from one week to another
  • Every row should be displayed in different slides >> In my template I have 1 set of slides. I don’t know how to duplicates those slides in the same deck and be filled in with every time a differen row.

At the moment I was able to publish I deck per row. As I have start & end slides in my template (Welcome slide, “Question” slide,… ), I have to open all the decks and copy only 4 slides to put in a single deck.