Generate Google Sheet with multiple records


I am setting up an Airtable integration with Google Sheet via Make that allows me to generate Google Sheet sheets for each record with the same order reference.

The configuration is:

-I have a table with products in which a supplier is specified.
-These products have an order number, the same order may have several products.
-You have to generate a Google Sheet in which all the products of the same supplier and order are included.

I have it configured but I don’t know what module I have to add and configure to keep adding products from the same order in the same sheet.

Can you think of anything?

If you want to sequentially create a new row in GSheets for each record in Airtable there is no need to add any other modules as Make will sequentially process each Bundle(record) into Google Sheets.

Then map the output like normal

Finally run the scenario and you will see a number by the Sheets Icon, this will be the number of rows created.

You will see three operations that were executed indicating the rows created.

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The problem is that I don’t know how to specify in which row and column the field I want to insert is located.

Hi @Ramagu,

You need to first identify your header row ID (either with a search module, if not static, or just hard coded, if static). Then when you specify the row ID for the row update you just use a formula that would look like that:

Row ID = {{Row ID of header}} + {{Bundle order order position}}

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Thank you very much for your help, it worked perfectly!