Google Sheets to Airtable Doesn't Create But One Row

I am new to Make and for my first Scenario I wanted to start off with something simple. I have created a scenario of Google Sheets to Airtable. I want to spin through my “Contacts” Google Sheet and Create matching Rows in my “Airtable Contacts Table”.

What happens after a “Run Once” is that only one row is created in the Contact table in Airtable, and the only fields that are populated are the ones that I have hard coded. It is like my mapping didn’t work. The Google Sheets shows an active connection, and I can select from the list of Google Fields when I map the Airtable fields. I can’t figure out what I am missing.


Any assistance would be much appreciated!

I think you want to put an iterator between the read of your google rows and the airtable insert. That way the insert will be for each row found.

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