Airtable to Google Sheets


I to create a google sheets table from airtable table, once the google sheet is created, I want to run it every day or once a week, to update that google sheet with new records.

Currently I found that I can search Airtable and get all values, then I can create google sheet.

However, if I will be creating google sheet from Airtable at this interval, I face some problems:

  1. It will create a new google sheet every time
  2. It will use many operations, as my sheets contain 6000 records and counting.

What solution could you offer, so that every new time it runs airtable, that it would simply update the google sheet, instead of creating a new one?

Hello @Valdemar nice to meet you.

You can have 2 different scenarios here:

The first scenario is one time running and the one who creates the table and adds all the records in Google Sheets from Airtable because from what I understand you only want to create the table and after that you just want to add new records in Google Sheets every time when a new record is created in Airtable.

The second scenario is where you add new records, and you can use an Airtable Watch Records module and after that you can use a Google sheets module where you are searching for records that already exists and if not exists you add the record in Google Sheets.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


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