Merge Bundles/array for fill google slides


I would to fill different value in a table present in google slide.

For that I choose to make one different tag for each cell in my google slide table.

I work with table in Airtable in input.

My slide is like that :

In the output of my iterator I Have the 8 bundles who matched with my 8 rows for the first room named AC.01
So for the moment it’s ok

Question :
I can’t find how to merge in many variables each bundle at the same time ?

For google slide :

I need to simultaneously convert all my variables EQPT1, EQPT2, QTE1, QTE2 etc and then route them to my slide tags. (because google slide module need to have all value at the same time, I don’t know any means to fill each line of my table by sequence)

Knowing that I need to create ONE unique slide by room name: a slide for all the values of AC.01 another slide for all the values of AC.03 and so on

In the output of my array aggregator I have good strutured data by room AC.01, AC.03 etc…

Thank you very much for your help