Extract collection's "key" element in Array Aggregator

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to make a currency rates integration scenario and I am failing to make it work. My exchange rates endpoint sends an JSON like this:
When I use the Array Iterator to extract a bundle from each rate quote, it produces bundles with a Key and a Value element.

The problem when I use the Array Aggregator module to map the fields to my destination XML structure, I do not see the Key element, just the Value. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for you help

You can run the full scenario once so that the module can update the stored sample values,

or you can manually type in {{77.key}} and {{77.Value}}


Thank you so much. Although running the scenario again did not reveal the key property, typing it it manually did the trick

This is a known issue when using any of the built-in array functions directly in the Iterator module.

Any use of these built-in functions like toArray will result in unmappable array values, and you’ll have to manually type in the path.

To avoid this, use a “Set Variable” module first with your array function, then map the resulting array into the Iterator.