Extract Facebook Campaigns data for Data visualization

Extract Facebook Campaigns data for Data visualization

I’m trying to get a daily extract of several metrics for all active Ads on my Meta Business Manager to push in Power BI.

I’ve been using the Facebook Ads Campaign Management module to list all Ads ID and then use the Facebook Insights module to get all the data based on the mapping of the Ad ID from the first module.

The problem I have is that I can’t find a way to get all Ads ID of my account using the Facebook Ads Campaign Management module. I can only choose one Ad Account → one campaign → one Adset to get the Ads ID of.

Not sure if it’s a limitation from the Facebook API or if I’m doing something wrong here.


Not sure if you ever found a solution here but I am running into a similar issue. I’m setting up a sequence to scrape ad set status daily and send a report - we have about 75 ad accounts within 1 business manager, so struggling to find a workaround for all ad accounts to be included.

Would love to hear if you had any luck here! @Simon_Van_Cauteren

Did you ever figure this out? Running in into the same issue. Would like to get results for all active campaigns at once. Currently only one campaign at a time seems possible.

May peace be upon you @JesseH

I am not fully sure if this will work but you can do the following,

  1. Extract all the campaign ID and corresponding Ads ID and save it in a data store.

  2. Schedule a daily scenario to iterate through this list and use the module to get the report for each of the bundles.

I think this is a really helpful use case and would like to help you in building it. Feel free to contact

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@chealy , @JesseH

I did find a way to do it after days of test and learn.

First, I had to divide the scenario in two, to avoid the limit of 45 minutes max run.

Scenario #1 is :

Facebook Insights module aimed at retrieving only the IDs of all the Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads within my Business Manager (you could potentially add an additional clone module before that, to retrieve the IDs of the Ad Accounts if you have several).

For this one, make sur to check the ‘level’ of data you want hidden in the Advanced Settings. There you can choose if you want data for the Account, the Campaign, the Ad Set or the Ad in the end.

Tools / Sleep for 15 second to avoid too many request to Facebook API at the same time in scenario #2

HTTP / Make a request to send the data to the second scenario.

Scenario #2 is :

Webhook / Custom Webhook to retrieve info from scenario #1

Facebook Get ad info / Get insights In this one I use the Ad ID I got from Facebook Insights in scenario #1.

Final scenario is up to you depending on where you want the data to go. I chose Google Sheet so I can use it as a source in a Looker Studio dashboard.

I have an Enterprise account and my account manager at Make was a great help on this. If you do have a dedicated account on their side, I’d suggest to reach out to them as well. :slight_smile:


Hello @Simon_Van_Cauteren :wave:

Congratulations on getting this up and running :clap: It is truly great to hear that your success manager helped guide you on the way to resolving this!

Also, thank you very much for keeping the community in mind and for stepping back in here and sharing what ended up doing the trick for you. This is super valuable and could be incredibly helpful to many others. :pray:

FYI: I marked your last comment as a solution to keep the community organized and easy to look for answers. :white_check_mark:


Thanks! This is great.

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