Extract 'write updates by email' url from Monday.com

I have created a scenario that pulls information from Monday.com and sends a html based email using outlook. I would like to create an update on the Monday item to show the email has been sent, but when selecting the update module, no mapping from the outlook module is available. A workaround for this i considered would be to map the ‘write an update by email’ url to the cc or bcc in the outgoing outlook email. Is this available as part of the mapping, as i haven’t found it?


Hey @James_Lee ,

This should be fairly easy.

Try to run the scenario once while you have the update item module connected to the scenario. This will show you all the outputs from outlook.

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Hi, yes I thought it would be fairly easy but even after trying your suggestion above no data appears as an output after the Outlook Module. I successfully set up the scenario to update the item, i just can’t extract the data from the outgoing Outlook email?