I'm trying to update a portion of a URL based on a column in Monday (email) and then have that newly generated URL populate back into Monday

Hello, I am trying to update a Typeform URL using a contact column in Monday and then pass the newly generated URL back into Monday. Ideally the next stage would be to send an email with that survey link, once a Monday.com status is updated.

An issue I’m running into is that I’ll be performing this action for multiple items in a Monday board – each item has a column for Name + a column for email - could end up being hundreds of items.

Essentially workflow would be:
Get Column info from Monday → replace URL with Email + Name from that column → update URL and populate back to Monday → automate send of email or draft of email when a monday status is reached

It seems like i may need two scenarios for these purposes but I’m not sure!


You will need to use two separate scenarios for this, Can you please clarify with what part of the first scenario you are having an issue? So we can try to further assist.


I’m having an issue trying to automate the replacement of the URL fields based on the items of a specific column in Monday.

the URL half i need to edit is : /#email=xxxxx&name=xxxxx

Essentially, I need those x’s replaced with the emails + names from column A Monday board for email and Column B in the Monday board for name (there will be multiple Names + emails.

relatively new to make so it might be easier than im making it!

I am not sure I am following 100% (if you provide a screenshot of your scenario it might provide some clarity for me) but it sounds like you are going to need to utilize the split() function to format the string appropriately.