Extracting answers from Typeform

Hello, I am trying to map data from a typeform response to my data store, however I can’t access some of the answers in the form response. For example, answer 14 (in the picture), i have managed to store the response for the multiple choice question “Which file type do you require?” which allows multiple selections, plus an ‘other’ typed response. I have managed to map the responses .JPG, .TIFF, .PNG, .PSD, .AI, by using the flatten() function on the mappable response for that question. However, i would also like to map the response ‘pidgeon’ (excuse the silly response, i was filling out a dummy form myself), but I cant, for the life of me, work out how to do that.
Thank you so much for your time.

Hi @Lindsay_Marshall , so to get this answer you basically need to map the nested object within your array. Meaning, you will have to use map() to get into multiple objects within each other.

Looking at your data it would be something like:

{{get(map(3.Answers; "Choices.other"; "Field.ID"; "FKwswxwMTYeD"); 1)}}


Thank you so much. The problem is the data does not seem to show when you try to find it in the mapper. Attached is a picture of how the “answers” bundle comes out in the next module.
(I apologise if I am using incorrect terminology).

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Hi @Lindsay_Marshall , I understand your confusion. With the formula, you need to literally use the text “Choices.other” and “Field.ID”. The only thing you map is the answers array.

@samliew I understand you want to keep the forum clean with proper formulated questions, but please less of the spamming with this when there is already someone who understands the setup :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, I have only been able to get back to this now. Thank you so much for your help @Bjorn.drivn and @samliew!
Ok, so I am getting this error

It seems that the answer data I am looking at can be seen in module 1 but is not mapping out of the module.
Thanks for saying I understand the setup, :slightly_smiling_face: but I am still quite the noob.
I will export the scenario blueprint and the output bundle for the first module as this might help.
blueprint.json (120.0 KB)
bundle.json (11.3 KB)
It seems that I can only access the mappable answers in the next module?

I changed the answers so that the data contains no personal information. Now I am trying to access the “other’ data in my typeform. Which would be Module1: Bundle1” Answers: 14: Choices: Lables: ‘hardcopy’

Hey @Lindsay_Marshall , please read my answer above again :wink:

As said, you add the variable of the array inside of your function (so no hardcoded text) because this is were your data sits. Then the map() function expects certain hardcoded values to search for. This you place in there yourself.

If this still doesn’t work, also please make a screenshot of your function since this is critical information