Facebook - 200auth error for groups, i figured out a workaround

So, my Facebook profile is admin of a group I wanted to monitor for new posts to crosspost to my Discord server. But when I tried to do this, even with the Make app installed in the group, I got 200 auth errors. When I spoke to support, they said it was something about the ‘new page experience’ which didn’t make sense to me as I was doing this as a profile on a group, nothing to do with pages.

SO. I tried doing this on Zapier, and got the same result! This time there was more error reporting and I could see the new page experience error for myself, which just felt bizarre.

I tried experimenting with a few different things and A) came up with an answer that made it work and B) think I figured out why this is happening, if this helps Make.com figure out a fix for the bug?

  1. My main profile - the admin of the group and what I connected up to the Make connection - is a ‘professional mode account’ rather than a normal profile. It’s not a page, it still has profile status, and it doesn’t mention ‘new page experience’ anywhere, but I wonder if professional status is causing an error similar to ‘new page experience’. Because…

  2. I tried creating a new dummy facebook account with a normal non-professional-mode profile, made it group admin on my group, tried this all again making that new dummy profile the source of my Make connection, and…

Success! it worked this time without an error message. So if this helps anyone experiencing a similar problem, this is a workaround, and hopefully this gives some information that Make.com can use to fix how the service operates with professional mode accounts

So how do you know if an account is a “professional mode account”? I’ve never even heard of this term before

Google gives me: Introducing Professional Mode for Profiles | Meta for Creators