Facebook Events - Looping & Multiple Events [I'm new to make and stuck]!

Hi all - Sorry if this seems like I don’t know much - I’m not great at all this stuff, and am doing all this as a volunteer for a not-for-profit charity I’m helping.

Long story short - We’re trying to use make.com to be able to post a daily update to Slack of all the events listed in the Facebook Group. I’ve successfully been able to make it return individual results, as well as use countless execution styles to return all the events - Please see the below screenshots of my current make setup and the end result into Slack.

What i’m trying to do is essentially make it so it just lists all the events on Facebook that are upcoming, in a list (rather than completely separate entries), and checking with some sort of while/for loop, so it can stop returning results when there are no more events with future dates, and list all the upcoming events.
I’d also want them listed in chronological order (soonest date at the top).

For the example picture above - The end result should be something like this:

DoggieDatesNSW - Central Coast


27/04/2024 @ 10am Doggie Dates NSW and Dog Rescue Newcastle - Walk, talk and info morning at Saltwater Creek Reserve - More Details

31/03/2024 @ 4pm Ourimbah Uni Easter Sunday Multi Walk 4PM at University of Newcastle (Ourimbah Campus) - More Details

End of Results.

I would greatly appreciate ANY help that anyone can provide.

Zaidyn M.