Facebook Group Not Listed

Facebook Group Not Listed

Every group that I’m in and admin is listed except for the ONE I need. I’m wondering why? I have also installed the Make.com app to see if that would help but still can’t be found.

Hi Katie_Allred,

That’s indeed strange.

I’m not an expert in Facebook, but could you carefully check the settings of a working group, and then compare it with the settings of the group that don’t work.

I think that here, Make simply retrieves the list of the group to which you are attached.

Hope it helps,



Possible duplicate of this ongoing recent issue Make dropdown doesn't show some Facebook Pages?

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Thanks a lot for noticing @samliew :pray:

Hi there, @Katie_Allred!

Thank you so much for bringing this up within the community. As Sam mentioned, there’s an ongoing discussion about this topic in this thread: Make dropdown doesn’t show some Facebook Pages.

In that thread, you’ll find confirmation that this is a known issue, as well as a workaround that’s been shared by our community members. This workaround should help until the fix is officially rolled out. Please stay tuned to that thread for any further updates regarding this issue.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding and apologize for any trouble caused by this :pray:

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