Facebook insights not showing Reels?

Hello all!
Just a little question: i’m using a scenario " Import data from Facebook Insights to Google Sheets spreadsheet" but unfortunately i have all my posts excepting the Reels i’m posting (the Reels i sharing it’s OK)… do i miss something? Thank you! Best regards from France!

Hi @Curty ,

In Make.com, there is a template that looks similar here.
Did you use it?



Thank you for your answer, in fact i found a solution: i need to “list videos” and then “list posts” as reels are not considered like posts. I just need to know how i can put the values in the same sheet but i think it’s easy to do.


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Heya @Curty welcome to the community :wave:

Awesome to hear that you found a way to make this work all by yourself! Great work :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for stepping back in here and updating us on the progress of your scenario. Thie is super valuable for the community :pray:

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