Facebook Lead ADS to Manychat

I am trying to connect Facebook Lead Ads to Manychat in order to create in Manychat the profile of the lead generated on Facebook.

I successfully run all the relevant steps to connect my Facebook account, then I do the same to connect my Manychat account ( I put Lead ID as subscriber ID as per the


However, when I try to test there is an error that I don’t know how to fix.

Any advice, please?

![Schermata 2023-05-13 alle 14.22.06|690x415](upload://kZnt7g4cfJJML7RnOlWGmI01gLA.png)
![Schermata 2023-05-13 alle 14.22.15|678x500](upload://qcQTtihzdONJBUmyIPzTe19HVPo.jpeg)

Hi there.

The “Lead ID” variable from the FB Lead Ads module simply won’t work as a Subscriber ID in the Manychat module. I can’t see what is the specific module that you are using, but in general, each app has its own record IDs.

If I understood your description correctly, I would suggest creating the scenario in a way that you first use the email that comes from FB to find out whether the subscriber already exists in Manychat. If yes, update the subscriber or do nothing. And if no, then create a new subscriber.