How to Get new Facebook leads for ALL your lead ads in one scenario?

I hope you don’t mind me bringing up this question that hasn’t been solved yet. It seems that the Facebook Leads modules aren’t functioning correctly. The situation escalates as they require a form, which means creating numerous scenarios for each form lead. I believe there must be a more effective approach.

I’ve attached an image for reference. If any of you have insights or ideas on this matter, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could share them here. This way, everyone facing similar challenges in our community can benefit from your valuable knowledge and expertise. Thank you for your assistance!

@samliew @Michaela @Francisco_Fontes @Study_Square do you have any idea about this issue?

Hi Rafael, no form is required for Facebook leads ads.
In 1 scenario, you can receive leads from all the forms on the same Facebook page.


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Helo @Francisco_Fontes thank you for replaying, in may case it shows quite different to the picture you posted:
I see is should show a webhook address and it does not, I using the module:

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