Facebook Leads To Shopify

I’m trying to get Facebook lead ads to create a customer on shopify. I clicked to run but it got stuck running. On other platforms it said html was a problem when getting the forms?

Anyone aware how this can be done? Thank you!

Hey @samw ,

I can see that the trigger module that you’re using is an instant module(webhook-based). It will trigger only in real-time i.e. when a new lead is actually received.

In order to test the lead form while the scenario is running, you can make a test lead submission for the Facebook Lead Ad form: Log into Facebook

Also, if you want it to trigger for the existing leads, you can consider using the Watch Leads module. It’s a polling-based module and will give you the flexibility to sync the existing leads as well.

If you still face issues, I’d recommend you to make sure to check the Facebook Lead Ads documentation by Make. The troubleshooting section has a very good solution.