FB Pages - Watch Post (public page) error

Hello everyone. I am trying to set up a module to grab my fb post data “from now on” and record it to a google sheet. When I try to use the watch posts (public page) module, I get an Invalid OAuth token error. I tried reauthorizing with no luck, then deleted the fb connection in make, and recreated it entirely, and then recreated the scenario with the new connection, but I’m still having the issue. Is there an easy fix I’m overlooking?
I (think) I understand the difference between the Watch Posts and the Watch Posts (Public Profile) modules. I can use the “watch posts” module fine, but I don’t see where I have the option to run it “from now on” like I do with the “public profile” variation of the module.
And I wouldn’t mind using the one that currently works, only I can’t find a way to set the time anywhere, there’s only 3 editable options in the module. And when I run it, it’s only grabbing old posts, not current ones. The error I’m getting is:

The operation failed with an error. Error: Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token (190, OAuthException)

I’m just not sure what else I can do. Please help. TY

Hi @Tr1LL

Please ensure the connection is properly set up to avoid the “Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token” error, as this typically stems from a connection issue.

You can right-click on the module and select the “Choose where to Start” option to begin from the current data (From now on).

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