Filename + date

The file is created and uploaded to the G drive usually on the first day of the month.
But I need to change the file name to the previous month. Is this possible ?
I mean. File is created and uploaded on GDISK 01.10.2023 (or other days is october) from mail with random name from system - is not important
But I need the filename to be the month before the file was created and then saved to Gdisk.
That is 09/2023 or September 2023 - it is not important
It repeats the same every month.
attachment n.2

And second problem.
This file is uploaded to ERP Abra Flexi, folder “Dátum zaúčtovní” = Date of invoicing.

But it is inserted in the same day as it is created.
But I need it to be inserted in the last day of the previous month.
It is still the same every month.
Periodically and repeatedly.
I think when is file created
01.09.2023 must be added in Abra 31.08.2023
01.10.2023 must be added in Abra 30.09.2023 etc

Or permanently set it to be the 28th day of the previous month when the file was created. Which will be easier ?

Thank you very much for any advice !
Json in the attachment !
blueprint (1).json (347.8 KB)

Hi @Timo ,

Regarding the first issue about renaming the file, please try to set it up like this below:

On your second issue, I would say the logic would still be the same by adding the addmonths() and formatDate() function as seen in the screenshot above.

I hope this helps!