Upload gmail attachment to a variable google drive folder based on gmail date sent

please is there any way to configure make to scan gmail and upload file to gdrive folder BUT based on date sent? The use case for me are invoices. I want them to be automatically uploaded to a specific date folder based on date reception date. In other words if I get an email in January 2023 I want make to upload the file in “jan-2024” folder, if I get an email in February 2023, similar to be uploaded in “feb-2024” folder.
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Hey There @ales ,
Yes This is possible with the help of Routers and filters , You can setup each route for a different month of the year and in each route you can upload that invoice to that particular folder.
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If you were only going to upload attachments to a specific folder, then you need three modules

However you want to search for whether the monthly folder exists, and if not, create one.

In this case, you’ll need to implement this trick that I mentioned here, read for more details: Can I skip a module based on a filter? - #3 by samliew

So your scenario could look something like this