Filter by time | Trigger automation by time | Airtable

I have a date & time field.

For example, below is the data. I will have a different date and time and 100 rows with data.

1 Jan 2024 1:00 PM

At 1:00 PM on 1 Jan 2024, I want to send a Slack message using airtable automation.

How can we make this trigger?

My ideas: using formulas and views

You can schedule the scenario to run every minute to search for the rows containing the time between the last run and the current time.

But running scenarios every minute will quickly consume lots of operations, because 1 minute interval = 24*60 = 1440 check runs per day. You might want to consider increasing it to 10-30 minutes, or have another scenario schedule a Cron Job webhook callback using apps like 0CodeKit that allows you to schedule a “callback” to a “Custom Webhook” trigger in another scenario.



I found the solution.

Using airtable formula and in built automation.