Searching datetime on airtable using make webhook

I’m using Botpress to build an appointment setting bot. when the user give the time and date for appointment the bot will search this datetime as query on airtable whether this datetime is previously included on the ‘datetime’ field in the airtable if yes then it will say sorry please give another time this time is not available for you, else say thanks this time is available for you.

so for this searching query i connected botpress bot with airtable using’s webhook:

and the date format is ready like user will input ‘22.09.2024 08:40 AM’ this format and the will be changed to ‘2024-09-22T08:40:00.000+00:00’. i already done this using ‘execute code’ on my bot on BotPress.

now i would like to search query that i explained before. so how can i search and confirm if this time is available on airtable or not or how can i write formula for this? please explain me anyone as much as possible.