Airtable Api Get Request URL Help

Need help with airtable api get request. I’ve made a GPT assistant for e-com clients that can recommend products. The scenario that allows the gpt to recommend products is made with webhooks, open ai, search airtable records and airtable make an api call.

The webhook captures the user’s query for example “I want a blue bag”.

The open ai module has been prompted to then convert that query into an airtable formula. The formula is used to filter the records to find best product/s for user. Screenshot below shows last part of the prompting.

Then the search airtable module finds the information from fields for the recommended product. Screenshot shots set up of module and values stored in variables. Screenshot shows how “result” variable stores the formula generated by open ai module.

Now this is where I need some assistance. I need help with the url as I keep getting this 404 error shown below.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 9.11.56 am

I’ve added the list records url for my table from airtable documentation, added the “filter by records” to that url, and also added the result variable that stores the formula.

I tried getting chatgpt to help. It kept saying that make will automatically make sure that the formula value is url encoded. I’ve thought of prompting the open ai module to turn the formula into a url encoded form. I am open to all advice as I know I’m missing something crucial. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your URL field is incorrect. You are including the first part of the URL that is already included for you.

Please read the description below the URL field for more information.


Ahhhhh right thank you so much

So here is the new URL.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 7.50.13 pm

Although now it comes up with this 403 error.

My airtable connection is connected through the Personal Access Token option and I have given my personal access token every possible scope and have added my base.

What am I missing?