Filter from a Notion intigration only entries where a date field is older than 30 days

I am trying to find out in a make automation from a notion integration if a entry is valid to be processed only when its date field is older than 30 days. I am trying to solve this with the Notion Search Node and the Filter but connot find any build in function.

So I only wann see the notion entries where the date is older than 30 days.

Any help or tips would be awesome.


If you used Notion/Search Objects, I didn’t find a way to filter on the date neither.
But you could use a Make filter to let only pass the items older than 30 days.

For this, you have to format properly the item’s date and the “current day - 30”

See the sample here

I’m doing a DateTime comparison (older than) with format YYYY-MM-DD UTC timezone
I use “addDays” function to remove 30 days from “Now”

Can you try this?



Thanks Benjamin. This a true solution.