Filter on "now" minus 15 minutes (date manipulation)

Hey there, I’d like to use a filter to stop a scenario if a timestamp is older than 15 minutes from the “now”.

I am getting the original timestamp from a Notion Database item.

I first format it to unix timestamp, choose greater or equal to and then format “now” to unix, subtract 15 minutes from “now” through addMinutes and then I subtract both values from each other. For some reason, this let the scenario continue even if it shouldn’t.

Have I missed something?

The timestamp from Notion is in the Copenhagen timezone (+02:00), could it be related to that?

This particular article help me craft what I have so far: Date Manipulation - #2 by Runcorn

Any pointers much appreciated!

Welcome to the Make community!

If it’s already a date you don’t need to format it to Unix TS string variable just to compare it.

Instead of Numeric operator in the filter you can use a Date “Later than” operator to compare two date variables.

Then, at the bottom you can just do a

addMinutes(now; -15)

Formatting of date is usually only used when you want to display it to an end user who needs to look at the date in a particular format.


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