Filter is filtering out valid records

I have created a scenario to send data from MailerLite to Google Sheets. The idea is every time a specific subscriber field is updated, a new row is created in Sheets.

My scenario is simple (or so I thought):

Module 1: Watch MailerLite Subscriber events: Any custom field updated
Filter: Fields [Custom Field] EXISTS
Module 2: Add a row in Google Sheets

On my tests, records that should pass the filter are not.

Any ideas what I did wrong?

Here’s the filter:

And here’s a run that had the correct field populated but did not pass through the filter:

I also tried using different filter conditions, such as “contains: 2023” but it didn’t work either.

Hi @Temima_Gass ,

I noticed that you’re referencing the incorrect field in your filter. While I’m not entirely sure of the exact reason, it appears that “Custom Field 2 Date” is a default field. If you navigate to the variable list within your filter input, your custom variable should become visible after a successful run.

I was able to replicate your issue, and once I remapped it to the correct field, it started working as expected.


Huh. That worked.

Thank you so much!