Filter rss feed to Facebook/X based on "pubDate"


I want to set up a scenario where I pull articles from my RSS feed and create a post on Facebook.

But there is one issue, since it is news articles they often get updated. And with every new update, the URL will change - causing it to post the same item twice on Facebook.

In my RSS-feed I have a “pubDate” that will remain static even though the article is updated.

Like this:

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 11:59:10 GMT

How do I set up a filter that only posts items from the RSS-feed if the items is later than “now - 15 minutes”?

Or is there a better way to make sure it doesn’t duplicates my posts?



Hey @John_Nyvelius ,

It appears that you want to avoid duplicates, in that case, you could create some type of database where you would store information about published articles and search through it to see if the RSS article was already published. Make has Datastores, that can help in storing the data which then can be used in Filtering.

You can try to filter based on the published date something like this:

I hope this is helpful.