RSS to Facebook: Multiple items in rss feed, schedule them to not be posted at the same time

I have a rss feed that trigger every 10th minute.
If there are multiple new items during this period, they will be posted to my facebook page and twitter account at the same time. Is there a way to post the first one directly and schedule the other ones to +X minutes?

Hi @John_Nyvelius ,

Maybe you could use the sleep module as explained here.

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I can’t figure out how I should use it for only one ‘operation’?
I don’t want to delay the entire scenario, just ‘operation 2’?

You add a delay (sleep module) between the Facebook module (op_1) and the Twitter module (op_2).

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I think I explained my scenario wrong.

My RSS triggers every ten minutes. Sometimes there are two or more new items during 10 minutes. The output will be multiple operation outputs from the RSS module. I want to delay output 2 and 3 from this module.


You can add a Sleep module to add up to a 5-minute delay between each bundle from the RSS module.


Alternatively, set the “Maximum number of bundles” to 1, but in your scenario’s schedule, set it to run more frequently.




Hi @John_Nyvelius

Another alternative would be have 3 scenarios…

One to pull the data from rss and store it in a data store
Then 2 separate ones for fb and twitter (ok X urgh) to pull the records one at a time from the data store and post to the relevant social media platform on their own schedule.

That way each post from the RSS feed is handled individually.

Think that’s what you’re looking for but if not feel free to ELI5 :slight_smile:




That sounds like a good idea, is it hard to set up a data store?

Hi @John_Nyvelius

No pretty simple, it does what it says on the tin really.

You will just have to give some thought as to the data structure you employ so you can easily pull the items out in the right order etc.

Be interested to see the end result when you’re done :+1: