Filtering by date

Hey @antonioS ,

Thanks for the screenshots! :smiley:

Well actually no, it’s a text field. As you can see by hovering over the field, it comes back with the datatype <text>. However, a lot of the times Make still interpreters this properly so “should” work right…but dates are tricky.

Usually what I try to do to debug, is make a lot of variables with all kind of functions and varieties. Using functions like parsing dates, if statements, bigger than & lower than statements etc. just to figure out whats going on.

Hope it helps you and unfortunate I can’t do much more from here. Maybe someone else has the golden trick :smiley:

This tools blocked my REPLY.

I was reply to the last message: believe me, in NInox it is a DATE field. Clearly Make gets it as text. Mistakenly
and, as you know, the test with parseDate didn’t work, it means that it is not a text field.

So, I’m stuck.
maybe is a bug, but how workaround this?

@micaela can you help?

Hey @antonioS sorry for the unplanned inconvenience here! Discourse (the platform the community is built on) has a system of trust levels that’s in place in order to make sure that the community is a clean and safe space. We’re still at the very beginning here so it might happen that we need to shuffle things about as we go because it’s hard to anticipate what exactly the members will be needing. Anyway, I’ve adjusted the settings once more, hopefully, it’s gonna be enough :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know!

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