Filtering by date

I’m trying to filter records younger than 2 years by filter [date] {later than} (addYear(;);-2)
anyone can tell me what is wrong??

thank you

Uploading: Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 18.33.39.png…

Where’s your now? Addyear(now;-2) is the correct expression.

Thanks I added but didn’t work.

You got some extra parentheses in these. Remove the one inside the function.

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maybe also one column? " ; " right?

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For sure! You can use the function builder to help you. No need to type it out.

thank you! well, there are too many things I do not know…
always too many!

thank you very much indeed

damn. it seems that Integromat doesn’t like me…
it doesn’t even allow me to add screenshot here

Hey @antonioS!

I see that you’re having issues when uploading screenshots to your posts. Could you please tell me what happens when you to try to add one? This is very strange and I’d like to get to the bottom of this and fix it. Thanks!

Thank you. it says that NEW USERS are not allowed to add image in the comments.

now it allowed to add the screenshot. maybe I’m not that “new” anymore…


I see! Thanks for the reply! This is a matter of Trust Level setting. I’ll make sure to change that because, given the product we have, screenshots are essential :slight_smile:


This tool doens’t allow me to add screenshots in the comment. for this reason I have to open another thread.

Filtering by date: I need to select records younger than 2 years.
I created a filter as in the image below. Anyone as suggestion why it doesn’t work?

Ok so I’ve increased the number of images a new user can add. Very happy that we identified this issue and that I got the chance to fix it. Thanks again for bringing it up :pray:

Btw, I’m merging the new topic you created with this one since all should be working fine for you now :slight_smile:

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@antonioS Is this record you are adding from Ninox a “Date” type?
You can hover over it to see this. If not, you can use the parseDate() to make sure it gets handled as a datetime.

Hi Drivin,
the field is a DATE field, yes, it contains date in the format yyy-mm-dd showed as dd/mm/yyyy
for what I get this filter should work.
any idea?

Me to, so try the parseDate() function or show us some screenshots of the logs you get + the datatype of this field. :slight_smile:

~ Bjorn


got it I’ll test it and then prepare screenshots.

Ok parseDate didn’t work. (as expected as the field is a date).
in the first screenshot you can see the ninox fields of the record and COSTITUZIONE is date.
in teh second screehshot you can see the result after run the scenario with parseDate: none of the companies (PARTITA IVA) (they have the date COSTITUZIONE) have been processed.
In this mock data 4 have COSTITUZIONE later than 2 years and 1 has COSTITUZIONE of 12 years.
the effect of this filter would be to process the 4 and leave untouched the 12 years old company.
It is not even working with addYEars (now;-2)

Thank you