Format (Syntax) of IF / AND statement needed - help

In excel the formula would look like

=if(AND(x=y,z=a), ab, bc)

In make I can’t figure it out and can’t find any documentation. Anyone know?


So you need to use a set varaible module and you can use the same formula by using make function

No, sorry if I was unclear. I know how to create the formula in excel. But in Make the general container for this type of formula seems to be SET VARIABLE. It works ok and accepts spreadsheet style formula that are my go to for most logic/branch type decision trees.

The issue is that my basic formula doesn’t work in that module which leads me to believe Make has it’s own format that’s not documented.

Hope that provides some help.



I hope it’s help you

Thanks, I do have that. Just don’t function like a spreadsheet formula or it’s broken.

@ryan_rockwood If you hover over the function, it tells you exactly how it works.

IF(something true; then do this; else do this)


Hope this helps you :wink:


Yea, I understand and agree it can do that very specific limited “if” function. My challenge has been to simply figure out how to get a combined IF/AND statement to work. I’ve probably tried 2 dozen logical combinations and can’t get something like the example below to work:

IF(AND(1=1,2=2), “true”,“false”)

In relation to your original post:

if ((x=y) and (z=a); ab; bc)

In Make, “and” is an operator rather than a function. Use round brackets (as above) to be sure of operator precedence.


Thanks, I’ll give this a shot.

Thanks to your help I finally got this to work. Sharing screenshots to help someone else. I had to actually insert the () function and then delete unneeded side of parenthesis vs use the paragraph (9 and 0) keys - which is just super confusing.


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You can just type the () rather than inserting it from the UI panel. The same goes for any functions - once you know what you want, you can just start typing the whole function from the keyboard without using the UI.

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Weird I couldn’t get it to work unless I used the UI. Thanks.

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