Formidable forms Form ID not recognised - application issue?

  1. Adding and setting up “formidable forms” and connecting is all good.
  2. Sending data to the formidable webhook is good.
  3. Data is being parsed and stored for processing. All good.

But: “error 404 Form ID not found.” Formidable wait for entry processes the data sent.

I have checked the connection; the correct form is being connected, and the data is flowing. Still, I keep getting this error. The API Action in Formidable does not send the {Form ID} with the API request (just not a feature of the API action), so I assume this is why it is coming up with the error.

I have tried adding “Form ID: #” to the Body of the JSON, and it does not work, so I assume it is looking for the Form ID in the header.

Either the app is configured incorrectly, or I am missing something here. I suspect it’s an error.

Can anyone at all shed some light?


Not that familiar with Formidable Forms, but these sort of errors generally originates from the Make app, thus the error is on Make’s end, However, this might be due to Formidable’s billing plan as well; which is highly unlikely as it would have ended in error when adding the Module in Make during connection phase itself.

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Thanks, @Runcorn

I Got a response from Formidable and it’s definitely not them, so you are correct it’s Make.

I sent a request to Make support, but from everything I have read the support for Make is pretty much non-existent - so I doubt I will hear anything soon. I might have to find an alternative method.

Thanks Again!

Hello there @stevenM thanks a lot for bringing this up in the community :pray:

We are currently not aware of any issues related to Formidable Forms on our end. We recommend creating a new connection and making sure that you integrate the Make Hook URL into Formidable “Notification>>send API” data after the connection has been made in order to be able to use the module.

The following documentation from Formidable explains how to configure a Hook URL

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Nope. You have an issue!

FYI I am a power user of Formidable and very accustomed to API

I have contacted support and I got the same answer.

Thanks a lot for the update, @stevenM

Given that you’re in direct communication with the support team, I’m sure that you’ll be able to pinpoint the root of the issue together.

Thanks a lot for your proactivity in bringing this to our attention :pray:

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Apparently it is being referred to the dev team and will update here when fixed.


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Unfortunately, this has not been fixed yet.

Any update on this? I’m also getting this error trying to trigger on a Formidable form entry.

Hello everybody @here

I just wanted to let you know that our dev team is still investigating this issue, and I’m really sorry about the extra time it’s taking.

I will make sure to keep an eye on this issue and post an update here as soon as I get it. If you’d prefer to receive updates directly in your inbox, please open a support ticket with us. Once the fix is deployed, an automated message will make its way to you.

I am very sorry for any frustration and trouble this is causing. Thank you for your understanding and for bearing with us :pray: .

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