Generate an array using data retrieved from the outputs of two modules

Hi everyone!

I need to create a scenario for managing tasks on Aritable.
When I click on a button within a parent task, the scenario should generate a new child task that will be linked to the parent task.
Here is my problem: when I link the newly created child task to the parent task, it overwrites the existing data (the subtasks that were previously associated with this record).

I believe I need to create a new array that contains the IDs of the subtasks that were already linked to the record, along with the ID of the newly created task.
Then, I should map this array to the “Linked subtasks” field.

What do you think of this solution, and do you have any ideas on how to implement it?

Yeah you are correct, here is an example:

In your case you would do something like this: duplicate(add(Sous-taches?;{Child_Record_ID}))

So in the field your updating, select the ‘manual map’ option, then use the array from your ‘Get Parent Task’ module, then add your new record ID, and finally deduplicate this array.


Hi @ADOS_voyages

To include the newly created item with all the existing ones, I suggest utilizing the text aggregator with a split function.

After the “get parent task” step, insert an iterator and employ the text aggregator to combine

Use the add function within the “update record” step along with the split function.

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Thank you so much ! I’m giving it a try today and will let you know right away if it worked.

Thanks a lot for checking it out. I’m giving it a shot today, and I’ll let you know right away if it worked.