Get content from HTML table

Couldn’t find an close enough topic regarding this at least to my limited understanding.

I am retrieving the weekly lunch list for a specific restaurant which I in the end want to display in a webflow site, but first in a google sheet with different variables in different columns (for example day, date, lunch item, price, allergens etc. etc.)

I am connecting and retrieving data in the form of HTML. So far so good.

I tried to use a Text Parser to turn HTML into text. Works. But still everything in one bite so no chance to split up into columns using only this of course.

I assume I should use in combination or without above mentioned Text Parser the “Get content from HTML table” but I have not been able to configure this correctly. I’m reading into this and might find a solution but think I am missing something fundamental in the steps to make this happen. Any ideas guys?

I’ll attach some screenshots.

Scenario setup

Unsure how to set this one up to get the prefered variables, if this is the correct module.

Current output in Sheets when converting HTML to text. All info of course in same cell.

API output in HTML

HTML to text module set to map Data

HTTP step settings according to API documetation (which is pretty much non existent)