Get custom fileds on trello

Hi, everyone,

I’d love some help with the automation I’m trying to do with Trello

The entire automation also includes Green api
And what I want to do is send WhatsApp messages to customers according to the list they are on and register the message according to custom variables that I have defined in the card in Trello.

For example, if there is a quote in the card in trello custom fileds, then as soon as the card goes to the “quotes” list, you will send him a message in the style of:

“Dear customer, you received a quote of $50”

Of course you can do many things with it. I will of course have the customer’s cell phone number custom filed.

My question is how do I get to the point where I can get to the point where I see all the custom fileds in make and am able to define the custom fileds I need in the rest of the applications that I automate.

Because my problem is:

  1. I see that there are custom fileds for the dropdown and I also have a custom fileds number and date text that I defined in Trello

  2. Yes, there is an option to take a custom filed but only one and in addition to that it is about a specific one and I want it to be related to all the cards and let me use the information of all the custom fileds.

I would appreciate the help because I’ve really been dealing with this for a long time and it’s quite bothering me.

Yes we can build the custom filed on trello , we would like to connect to them

so how can i do it ??